Project Description

New Orientation 2014 – 2016

Business Communities, new Partners, Product Ideas

2014, 2015 and also 2016 I thought to change my business life from consulting to have own products with the help of some product ideas around:

  • the area of electrical engineering, smart grids (so i had a project and patent in that area 2014)
  • the area of model driven design, where i have a long experience and knowledge
  • the area of Agility, driven by my PMI-ACP certification and by my experience in business communities
  • Internet of things, back to the roots of software and electronic engineering

A friend with which i go flying sometimes, brought me to an initiative to support visually and hearing impaired people with solutions. Here i begun 2015 with the E&EoD product development to define a startup. Lack of further support and investors stopped this activity in 3.2016 for a while.

Note: All areas are still (2018) active, but with different orientation.

I begun already 2012 to work in the executive board of business communities and working groups. In 2016 the support of these communities costs partly 1 day a week. Overall there was the hope to get a better platform for project marketing activities. I became a co-author of two business standards and guides in the area of government IT.

Ups and Downs in the private life

For a while it looked like that i change my center of family life to Lucerne. But …

Mid 2015 i changed my relationship and it went on to get stable in Zurich. Supporting her restaurant and living in Zurich meant to hand over my apartment in Wädenswil end 2015 and live 100% in Zurich.

I searched for new product ideas and got a lot of experience in online marketing, new web development, social media and news ways for funding products.

End 2015 my son Yannic moved to Switzerland for his master thesis. I had organize a good support for him. Since this time i enjoy to have him nearby. Our common hobbys are skiing and sailing, which we act often.