Project Description

Realizing Product Ideas

To realize product ideas i need to focus myself only on those products.

I stepped off all organizations and communities behind to focus on my products.

Some projects are needed to earn the money for living and the ideas.

Blockchain technology round up IoT.

The new Apple Watch meant a highly new orientation for the myE&E product family (was already in my mind since a longer time).


The restaurant is history and the relationship 2017 too. The interpedences at the same time of private and business changes are fatal. I moved in February 2017 to Stäfa and Mid 2018 to Zurich.

The partnership with a provider of training solutions (product topic: Agility) does not have the desired sales success in 2018. We reduce our activities here.

Current target is to move the business into an industry park Mid 2019 and to establish the following product developments with the same set of technologies:

  • myE&E Prodct line (Kickstarter)
  • Nautic Product line (Kickstarter)
  • IoT over Blockchain sensor and actuator Prototype development
  • IoT Products using LoRa, Blockchain; upgrading of some existing products

The new orientation started Mid 2018 to lay the ground for a business and private stability and seems to be successful.