Project Description

2000 – 2007

Try to make a big step forward

After successful years in different businesses  in the 90’s, two companies (AG) have been founded with partners. I invested 1/3 in each one. Reasons to fail are different, complex and also political, but both failed and 4 years of work and the investment of the size of a small house was gone.

This years are broken 2005 into 2 parts:

  • The time as a CFO, CIO, CTO of a Nanotec and a Fintec Systems- and Software company was history (in Munich)
  • The time of consulting new methodologies in the airline and airport business in Frankfurt was now the near future business (but still lived in Munich)

April 2007 the Ritz Engineering GmbH in Basel, Switzerland was founded an I left Germany, but still having Customers in Frankfurt, Germany in the Airline / Airport business until Mid 2007.

What have these years meant privately

2000 marked different relationships. A 12 year relationship was ended 1999 and while a business trip in Moscow a new relationship started 2000, but ended also 2006.

My son grow up and one of the biggest fails of my side was, already since many years before, to move away from Berlin, where he lived. I would never ever do it again.

Privately the life of a consultant is difficult when life and work is about 350 km separated 5 days a week over 2 years (2005-2007).

At the end of 2006 the decision to leave Germany was made. Investigations towards Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland have been made. Feasable was Switzerland, where March 2007 i’ve entered Basel and founded Ritz Engineering GmbH. The “Ing.Büro Ritz” in Germany continues in Switzerland.

While former Yugoslavia was in a civil war, skiing is the most dominant hobby in the years.